Tenants United Corvallis

Tenants Corvallis

We are a union of tenants living in the Willamette Valley who recognize that housing is a human right and that rent in our area is too “dam” high.

We are tenants fighting for tenants!

Renting is a system inherently stacked against renters. Tenants have few limited protections under current laws, and landlords can often ignore them with impunity because we lack the time and resources to dispute. Together, we can fight for our right to housing for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.


This is BIGGER than just your town!
Here are resources & news to show you.

If you are in need of other forms of mutual aid or help, you can use the Benton County COVID-19 Request Form: https://tinyurl.com/sk9vklt

People from multiple cities all across the country are choosing to band together in this strike.

For more information on rent strikes:








LOTS of articles in the news are talking about the growing movement for rent strikes!

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