Tenants United Corvallis

Tenants Corvallis

We are a union of tenants living in the Willamette Valley who recognize that housing is a human right and that rent in our area is too “dam” high.

Sleeping in bed instead of paying rent.

We are tenants fighting for tenants!

Renting is a system inherently stacked against renters. Tenants have few limited protections under current laws, and landlords can often ignore them with impunity because we lack the time and resources to dispute. Together, we can fight for our right to housing for ourselves, our families, and our neighbors.


Rent Strike 2020: Continues June 1st

You may have seen calls for a 2020 rent strike due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this crisis many have lost their jobs, had their hours and benefits cut, and are sick. Our most impacted community members will not be able to afford rent now, nor retroactive payments in the near future. You should not have to choose between your housing and basic necessities.

We are members of Tenants United Corvallis, we are your neighbors, and we are asking you to join your community in a rent strike.

Don’t pay rent on June 1st!

What is a rent strike and why should I participate?

A rent strike is when renters collectively refuse to pay rent until demands are met. Our demands are that no rent is collected until at least 2 months after all workers have been able to return to work. Our paying or withholding rent is our strongest form of power against landlords, and by disrupting their profits we can make them act on demands.

A rent strike works best with numbers. Even if you are able to afford your rent, withholding rent in solidarity with others is the only way this strike will work. If you cannot afford to pay rent, striking and demanding no rent is due until after this crisis is over is necessary and powerful.

How do I participate in the rent strike?

1. Do not pay your rent in June.
2. Send a declaration of withholding your rent to your landlord using the letter templates towards the bottom of this page.
3. Share this information with everyone you know and ask them to join the strike!

What are the risks?

We encourage you to know your legal rights as a tenant in Oregon. The infographic below is one helpful resource.

Know Your Rights resources for tenants in Oregon can be found at: https://www.oregoncat.org/know-your-rights/

For now, we are all still legally obligated to pay rent during this crisis. But we shouldn’t have to, nor can many of us! That is why a rent strike is so important!

What if my landlord or property management company harasses me for participating?

Please reach out to Tenants United Corvallis at tenantsunited@riseup.net if you are being bullied, harassed, or threatened by your landlord or property management company.

We can discuss ways to support you as a community.

Are a renter who is unable to afford rent during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Please click the link below to view a rent strike letter template

Can you afford to pay, but want to strike in solidarity with those who cannot?

Please click the link below to view a solidarity rent strike letter template.

Sign Petitions for Rent Cancellation!

Oregon-wide Rent & Mortgage Cancellation Demanded Immediately.

Suspend Rent and Mortgage Payments in Lincoln County Oregon

Governor Kate Brown: Suspend Rent, Mortgage, & Utility Payments During the Pandemic

Suspend Rent and Mortgage Payments in Benton County Oregon

This is BIGGER than just your town!
Here are resources & news to show you.

If you are in need of other forms of mutual aid or help, you can use the Benton County COVID-19 Request Form: https://tinyurl.com/sk9vklt

People from multiple cities all across the country are choosing to band together in this strike.

For more information on rent strikes:








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