Corvallis Housing Resources

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Housing Options In Corvallis

Information on Section 8 and affordable housing  from Linn-Benton Housing Authority


The Corvallis Livability Brochure gives an overview of codes of living in Corvallis. A more complete booklet can be found in the Full Livability Text

Here are some links for first time home buyers and students.

First Time Home Buyer Program

Student Housing

Affordable Corvallis Housing and Rentals from DevNW. Homes are set aside for special populations, such as survivors of domestic violence, veterans, or adults with intellectual/development

Complaints and Reports. Know Your Rights.

Can a landlord evict me, refuse to rent to me, or treat me differently because of my sex, race, color, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, physical handicap, mental handicap, because I have a service or companion animal, or because of my source of income? Absolutely not! Click the links below if you are a victim of discrimination.

What about retaliation?

It is illegal for a housing provider to retaliate against a housing consumer for inquiring about his / her fair housing rights, filing a discrimination complaint, or otherwise taking steps to legally protect his / her civil rights in housing.


Here is quick read on discrimination from the Fair Housing Council. Reach out to them at 503-223-8197

Here is a larger document, the Landlord and Tenant information booklet. This doc is provided by the Legal Aid Services of Oregon. This covers discrimination, tenant protections, rental agreements, fees, security deposits, and eviction.

Are you having any issues with your housing? Leaks, heating, mold etc? Learn about Common Issues for tenants.  If you are living with these issues then learn how to force your landlord to fix them. Corvallis government provides a quick way to Report the issue.

Where to Find Help

Oregon-based third party help resolve tenant/landlord conflicts from Neighbor-to-Neighbor

Not sure where to start? Here are collected resources from Oregon Housing and Community Services for for emergency help and rental assistance.

The Community Alliance of Tenants is a state-wide organization that bring tenants together to organize and collectively advocate for fair and equal protections in housing practices and policies

Legal questions? Contact the Legal Aid Services of Oregon

for legal advice for domestic violence, housing cases, government benefits, Senior law, and discrimination

Shelters and Housing Security

  • FISH
  • Emergency financial assistance for rent, transportation, utilities, and more
  • (Emergency) Number: 541-752-4688
  • Wellness Center
  • Who? Youth and families couch surfing, living with relatives, runaway, or anyone who just needs help
  •  Provides food, bedding, medical supplies, transportation. No shelter.
  • (Non-Emergency) Number: 541-766-4819
  •  Address: 1435 SW 35th Street, Corvallis (Western View Center)
  • Partnered with Casa Latinos Unidos to provide information and assistance mainly to migrant and refugee families needing assistance with interpreting, translations,
  • Community Outreach Inc.
  • Who? Women, men, adults, youth, and veterans
  • Also provides assistance beyond housing; food bank, clinic, and child care.
  • (Non-Emergency) Number: (541) 758-3000
  • Address: 865 NW Reiman Ave. Corvallis, OR 97330
  • Housing Opportunities Action Council operates a Corvallis Winter Men’s Shelter
  • Note! Details here are from 2018-2019 season and may not reflect 2020-2021.
  • Operates from November to March
  • (Non-Emergency) Number: 541-791-6691
  • Address: 211 SE Chapman Place
  •  Jackson Street Youth Services
  • Who? Youth aged 10-17
  • Emergency shelter and counseling for runaway, homeless, or at risk youth.
  • Number: 800-901-2904
  • Number: 541-754-2404
  • Address: 555 NW Jackson Ave
  •  Corvallis Housing First
  • Who? Those who need ongoing help or who have been homeless more than once or for a year or more.
  • Call to learn about available housing: 541-230-1297

Not just a pandemic, THE pandemic!

  • COIVD Rental Relief from Community Services. Applicants must:
  • Be living in Linn or Benton or Lincoln County
  • Be a renter
  • Been impacted by job/income loss due to COVID-19
  • Not received rental assistance from CSC in the past 24 months, or anyone in your household

Priority given to those most impacted by the pandemic. Numbers for all counties are given below:

  • Linn (541) 704-7646, or (541) 704-7642
  • Benton (541) 704-7625
  • Lincoln (541) 574-2280

Info for tenants during COVID

  • No Residential Evictions due to Non-Payment of Rent
  •  Majority of Hearings & Trials are Postponed
  • Utility Providers are Making Exceptions
  • Discrimination of  COVID-19 Illness

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